The Handy Ma'ams opened for business on April 16, 2009. Since then, neighbors just like you have given us ample opportunity to be of service to them. Check out our Job Gallery to see some of the work we have done for them. Then, give us a call and tell us how we can be handy for you! You will be glad you did.

Brandy Renee Brown
Brandy Brown has been working in the homebuilding industry since she was 16 years old, and has a great working knowledge of all aspects of home construction. Her father is a homebuilder in Midland/Odessa. Brandy has also worked as a machinist in a metal working shop, is an excellent mechanic, and has 21+ years of expertise in the manufacture and installation of doors. If its broken, Brandy can fix it!

Brandy says, "I specialize in doors, the gates opening to every mystery in life. You open doors to each new day, to the next big change, to the holiness of church, to the safety of home. You close doors against the howling wind, to hide the mess, to secure what is yours, to make those special private moments that no else is to see. Doors are important to our lives and its important to keep them in good working order."

If it has to do with doors, Brandy knows how to do it. Brandy is a superb craftswoman skilled at creating beauty from wood, and in making the special fixtures to make those complex projects come out right. Brandy left her position with BMC West at the end of 2008 to be a founder of the Handy Ma'ams.

Kaitlyn Teague Lundrigan
Kaitlyn Lundrigan has worked in the computer software industry in a variety of capacities over the 35 years of her High-Tech career. She started as a draftsman doing cable and assembly drawings, moved to project coordination overseeing the transfer of products from engineering design to manufacture. From there, she became a technical writer, and wrote computer manuals covering both hardware and software. She then became a software developer and gained experience in microcoding, assembly language development, cross-compilers, debuggers, process control, and interfaces to the early networking efforts by Intel corp. Kaitlyn has developed software development tools, major traffic control components, channel interfaces to custom peripherals, fuel dispenser control, point-of-service applications, credit card processing, and various retail fraud management applications. Kaitlyn also is co-inventor on U.S. Patent #5,945,975, Awarded August 31, 1999, “Graphics Display Advertising System For A Fuel Dispenser”. Since 1994, Kaitlyn has been a Program and Project Manager for multiple companies, with demonstrated expertise in all areas of software development across multiple platforms. She has also proven herself in staff management, having direct report responsibilities from 3 to 35 employees at various times. Kaitlyn is very skilled at developing virtual global teams across multiple domestic and offshore locations. In 1989, Kaitlyn took a sabbatical during which she entertained a career change to cabinet maker, taking classes in the construction trades and cabinetry line at the Austin Community College. This was put on hold when new opportunities appeared for her software career. However, she put these new talents to use at her daughter's school, helping to build the school's store and library. She also built cabinets for the art supplies, classroom sized coat racks, and did other general work. After that, she continued to long to make use of these talents. In fulfillment of that dream, she has co-founded the Handy Ma'ams!

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